The Process

Freddie’s Flowers is a weekly fresh flower subscription service. I was brought in to redesign their website and create a digital style guide to be rolled out across all their digital channels.

Visit the live site.


Freddie’s had been running for about four years before I got there so there was a fair amount of data to get my teeth into.

I also interviewed members of the customer service team to understand problems users were experiencing and set up an additional abandon basket email with a quick survey to get more information on why people were reluctant to sign up.

User Journeys

Armed with an understanding of the audience and some of the problems they were experiencing, I created an exhaustive list of user goals and drew up ideal user journeys for them.


With the user journeys in place I started wireframing and created a fully interactive prototype in Axure. This was particularly useful for the checkout and account pages as there were a lot of complicated user interactions to do with managing your delivery schedule and wider account.

Design Style

The existing website featured a lot of skeuomorphism and illustration – and while I wanted to keep a nod to this as it’s an important part of the wider branding – users needed to see the flowers. So I leant a lot more into photography and video.

Checkout & Account Pages

These pages needed to be, above all, simple to use. The hard part of selling the product was done at this stage in the user journey, so I relied on a minimalist style and spacious layouts with the occasional texture or illustration where appropriate to keep the pages as distraction-free as possible.

Style Guides

With the UI of a few key pages signed off I created a Style Guide for the developers, the existing team and any future designers, and then rolled the design out to a few of the more complicated pages.

Using the now established digital style guides I created a series of ad templates to use on social media which resulted in an almost 20% increase in visitors.

And despite this increase in traffic we saw a 14% increase in the conversion rate, an order rate increase of 8% and almost double the number of friend referrals.