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Super Adorable

between us we have over eight years of digital branding experience

— & —

just over two years experience being a really cute dog.

We're currently freelancing around London and have recently been working with freddie’s flowers, where we’ve had some really great results:

Conversion rate change:

Number of site visitors:

Order rate:

Amount of ‘recommend a friend’ invites sent:

Office adorableness levels:

How did we do it?

Our process

Other brands we’ve worked with:

Yeo Valley

Organic Dairy Products

— via Big Fish Design


Eccentric Restaurants

— via Big Fish Design

Early Man

Aardman Feature Film

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Ted & Muffy

Bespoke Footwear

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Freaks of Nature

Vegan Desserts

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Eat Your Hat

Fair Trade Chocolate

— via Big Fish Design

Merchant Gourmet

Ingredients from around the world

— via Big Fish Design

Things we do

  • Design websites!

    We've designed many a website – from simple three pagers to massive ecommerce sites with member's areas and collector's schemes.

  • Sleep under your tables

    Do you have tables without dogs sleeping underneath them? We can sort that for you!

  • Get your brand sorted for digital

    Need branding that's ready for all things digital? We've worked with all sorts, from start-ups to multinationals, looking to rebrand – nothing's too big or too small.

  • Run away from tall men in the office

    If you need to remind any tall men wandering about that they can be physically intimidating, Forest is extremely talented at scampering away from them while delivering powerful side-eye.

  • Create social / email campaigns

    We can help with top-level strategy, campaign ideas and content creation. We've a ton of experience creating stills, videos & animations for social and designing and building email campaigns.

  • Wookie impressions

    Not enough Star Wars characters in your office? Forest's Chewbacca impressions will make you feel like you're playing holochess on the Millennium Falcon.

Personal Ethos

In my opinion, treating both employees, users and the planet with respect is paramount.

So if your project or company has some sort of ethical bent I am more than happy to discuss reduced rates.

I'm keen to do some good and stop just making rich people even richer!